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Meet our volunteers

Nicole Olmsted

It was such a blessing to hear that the Exceptional Foundation was going to open in Daphne. I have been blessed personally to watch the growth that is occurring at the Foundation. I have been a volunteer in different capacities, but most of my work has been thru Junior Auxiliary of the Eastern Shore.  We have implemented a cooking group once a month focusing on the participants becoming more independent in the kitchen. I loved watching this group grow!  When we started two years ago, we would have 5 participants now the numbers have gotten to a level that we are able to split the groups based on ability and have two days of cooking. This is AMAZING! Junior Auxiliary also hold two functions a year at night. Some examples include prom, talent shows, and a Hoe Down dance. We are always overwhelmed by the gratitude from their caregivers. They are overwhelmed that they are able to participate in a special event that is totally focused on them.  My favorite thing is watching their smiles the minute the DJ starts playing. Music and dancing is always a must!!


Coach Hank Sowell 

It has been my pleasure to be associated with the Exceptional Foundation of the Gulf Coast in Daphne, Alabama.  I have been a volunteer with this organization for the past 18 months.  I started volunteering as a baseball and basketball coach.  I have been blessed to coach some fine young men.  In March 2016, we were able to travel with the basketball team to Dothan, Alabama for the State Special Olympics in basketball.  The team was not only able to play three games but was able to interact with other teams from around the state.  In May 2016, we competed in the State Special Olympics in baseball in Troy, Alabama.  This team of young men won the Gold Medal and represented Baldwin County in a manner that others would do well to emulate.    I also volunteer one day a week with a group that performs a community service at the Prodisee Pantry in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  This group helps load grocery carts and delivers groceries to the patron’s automobiles.  The Prodisee Pantry provides food for those in need.  The Exceptional Foundation participants have proven to be an invaluable asset to this organization. The people at the Pantry are always glad to see our group come in.  

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