frequently asked questions

What are the criteria to become a participant?

-Participant must have independent self help skills (i.e. toileting, eating, etc.) 

-Participant must be able to follow simple verbal commands and participate in activities with minimum assistance from the staff.

-Physical, cognitive, and medical needs of participants must be such that they don ot require one on one assistance 

How do you become a participant?

-We require an entrance interview, to help get to know the future participant and get to see their functioning levels 

How do I get involved with EFGC?

-We take volunteers, so you can send us an email about what interests you about us. 

-Please go over to our "Get Involved" or "Contact Us" tab to learn more. 

What does EFGC cost?

-There is a $125 annual registration fee

-Cost is determined on the attendance of participant 

Does EFGC provide transportation? 

-No, EFGC does not provide transportation to the Foundation, but we can recommend a transportation service. 

-EFGC does provide transportation to and from scheduled field trips. 

What is EFGC's schedule?

-We are open Monday through Thursday, 7:50 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

-We do follow the Baldwin County School System for weather closings and holidays

What type of activities does EFGC offer? 

-Field Trips: library, bowling, Prodisee Pantry, and community field trips 

-Special Olympics: Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cheerleading


-Dance without Limits


-Aktion Club

Does EFGC serve youth or adults?


-Our day to day activities are ages 18+

-Summer program serves adolescents