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Weekly Updates:

Blue -

Monday - Signa Language, Music Cooking, Bingo

Tuesday -  Wii Games,Yoga Art, Uno 

Wednesday - Yoga, Show & Tell, Dance with Anna, Bowling

Thursday - Field Trip to the Spear Museum and Dinosaurs then Lunch,  Kozmic Karaoke 



Monday - Sign Language, Music, Art, Bingo

Tuesday - Prodisee Pantry Cooking, Bowling 

Wednesday - Yoga, Show & Tell, Dance with Anna, Board Games 

Thursday - Field Trip to the Spear Museum and Dinsosuars then Lunch, Kozmic Karaoke 




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The Exceptional Foundation Gulf Coast

About Us:
Through the use of sports, games, activities, arts-and-crafts, and field trips, The Exceptional Foundation helps its participants achieve a higher level of confidence and gives the participants the opportunity to lead a more “normal” life.

The activities that participants at The Exceptional Foundation engage themselves in are fun and entertaining, but the ultimate goal of any sport, craft, or field trip is to teach the participants social skills and cognitive skills, thus enabling the participants to attain the greatest level of independence that they have known.

Our Goals:


  • To provide daily programs for our exceptional participants which include team sports, exercise classes, social events, music, and arts and crafts activities.
  • To provide a place for group support programs for families that include exceptional members.